[Synth] Korg Volca Series Patch Sheet (v1.3)

I made some Patch Sheet for Korg Volca series (Volca Beats, Volca Bass, Volca Keys). If you need these, feel free to use 🙂

Korg Volca Beats, Volca Bass, Volca Keys의 Patch Sheet를 만들어 보았습니다. 필요하신 분은 활용하세요~


2014. 03. 12 v1.3


  • Volca Beats : 노브 위치 기록 편의를 위한 안내선 추가
  • Volca Bass : 없음(v1.2와 동일)
  • Volca Keys : 노브 위치 기록 편의를 위한 안내선 추가



  • Volca Beats : Add ‘Guide lines’ to help marking knob positions.
  • Volca Bass : None (Same with v1.2)
  • Volca Keys : Add ‘Guide lines’ to help marking knob positions.




2014. 03. 12 v1.2


  • Volca Beats : 없음(v1.1과 동일)
  • Volca Bass : VCO별로 Step Mode 추가. 피아노 롤에 인디케이터 포함
  • Volca Keys : 피아노 롤에 인디케이터 포함



  • Volca Beats : None (Same with v1.1)
  • Volca Bass : Add ‘Step Mode’ for each VCO, include indicator in piano roll
  • Volca Keys : Include indicator in piano roll



2014. 03. 12 v1.1


  • Volca Beats : 각 파트별 음량 노브 추가, PCM 사운드 별 PCM Speed 노브 추가
  • Volca Bass : 노트 기록 방식을 피아노롤 방식으로 변경, 자리 부족으로 Memo 항목 삭제
  • Volca Keys : 노트 기록 방식을 피아노롤 방식으로 변경



  • Volca Beats : Add each sound’s ‘PART LEVEL’ knob, Add each PCM sound’s ‘PCM Speed’
  • Volca Bass : Change the form of  notation of each VCO’s notes to ‘Piano Roll’ form, Delete the ‘Memo’ section
  • Volca Keys : Change the form of  notation of VCO’s notes to ‘Piano Roll’ form



2014. 03. 10 v1.0

10 thoughts on “[Synth] Korg Volca Series Patch Sheet (v1.3)

    1. 유용하게 사용하신다니 기쁘네요. 사실 제가 만들어놓고 정작 저는 잘 안쓴다는게 함정.

  1. Have you made something similar for the Akai MPK49? Or has anyone? It would be so helpful! Thank you for making these! I think they are wonderful!

    1. Sorry for late reply. you’re comment was in spam… And unfortunately, I don’t have MPK49’s patch sheet. I made those patch sheet from Adobe illustrator. When I opened the Korg’s manual which I downloaded from official website, it was editable by illustrator. I’m not sure it will be same with AKAI product, but I wish this tip could help you. Thanks for visiting and have a nice day 🙂

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